SANOFLORE Aqua Hypnotica Reviving Botanical Essence for Eyes and Lashes
SANOFLORE Aqua Hypnotica Reviving Botanical Essence for Eyes and Lashes is a perfect essence to reduce puffiness and illuminate the eyes. Its water-jelly texture gives the skin a non-greasy and velvety touch with natural hyaluronic acid to keep hydration throughout the day.   Origin:...
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SANOFLORE Regard Hypnotica Revitalising Anti-ageing Eye Concentrate
SANOFLORE Regard Hypnotica Revitalising Anti-ageing Eye Concentrate is an anti-imperfections concentrate that instantly alleviating sensation of eye tiredness. Its light texture gives the skin a non-greasy touch with Silk Tree extract– a true breakthrough in formulation – as well as a perfect concentrate to...
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AVRIL Organic Two Phase Eye Makeup Remover - Certified Organic
Avril Organic Two Phase Eye Makeup Remover dissolves eye makeup and waterproof mascara in seconds without effort with its two-phase non-greasy texture! It suits for all skin types. Origin: France Size: 150ml Description Avril Organic Two Phase Eye Makeup Remover dissolves eye...
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MELVITA Signature Eye Treatment Set
Melvita Signature Eye Treatment Set UP TO 47% OFF! This Set Includes:Melvita Avocado Oil 50mlMelvita Organic Cornflower Floral Water 200ml The soothing properties of organic cornflower floral water helps decongest and soothe the eye are. Organic Avocado Oil is 100%...
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MELVITA Nectar Suprême Eye & Lip Contour Cream
The eye and lip contours are the two areas of the face where the skin is almost constantly moving, all day long, but is also particularly fine and fragile. Captured in a rich, intense formula, the supreme complex combines energizing...
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MELVITA Organic Floral Bouquet Eye Make-up Remover
This ultra-gentle bi-phase make-up remover is enriched with a narcissus extract and moisturizing rose floral water, skin-softening orange blossom and decongesting cornflower floral water. Also containing castor oil and a protective prebiotic, this eye make-up remover helps strengthen eyelashes and...
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MELVITA Organic Avocado Oil
#Best Seller  Avocado oil is extremely nourishing, which serves as an excellent natural anti-ageing treatment for dry and delicate skin including the eye contour. This product is the latest version in 2019 from Melvita France. New patented Drop & Feather 2...
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MELVITA Organic Cornflower Floral Water
Bestseller of Melvita! Saviour for your eyes Perfect item for eye care. Melvita Cornflower floral water is exactly what your eyes need after a long tired day.  Centuaria cyanus flower helps to soothe tired eyes effectively, especially after prolonged computer...
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An all-in-one healing balm for every daily issues. Suitable for all skin types. A beeswax-based healing balm, Wonder Balm can be used to relieve coughs and cold symptoms, like congestion. It can also be used to soothe aching muscles, relieve cold...
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Lip Balm in Stick - Certified organic
This 100% natural lip balm contains a synergy of nourishing ingredients that deeply moisturizes lips. Exceptionally rich in organic shea butter, known to help fight dehydration and improve barrier function.Very smooth and not sticky texture. Origin: FranceSize: 4.8g[Description] Descriptions This lip...
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ALGA CICOSA Certified Organic Reparative Lip Balm
The lips are particularly sensitive to external stress and require specialized protection. Origin: FranceSize: 15 ml [Description] Details The ALGA CICOSA® reparative1  Lip Balm relieves, protects and  restores chapped, irritated, and cracked lips for the whole family (children & adults). Its hypoallergenic2 formula, made...
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SANOFLORE 緊緻明眸系列 -矢車菊水凝保濕眼部精華+矢車菊緊緻修護眼霜 85 折優惠
Sanoflore 矢車菊水凝保濕眼部精華+矢車菊緊緻修護眼霜 $438 (正價$510) 85折優惠  矢車菊對眼部護理特別有效,更被視為眼部的「神仙水」,此系列除了有效減退細紋及活化眼部肌膚,亦可減低皮膚過敏。藉此阻隔黑眼圈、眼袋及減退細紋,強化眼睫毛,讓雙眼重拾光彩年輕。 產地: 法國 SANOFLORE矢車菊水凝保濕眼部精華 蘊含50% 濃度矢車菊花水,有效阻隔黑眼圈形成,減少眼部皺紋,舒緩眼部疲勞及眼袋問題,當中透明質酸具強效保濕功能,令眼部肌膚更細滑 產品詳情 SANOFLORE 矢車菊緊緻修護眼霜 蘊含50%濃度矢車菊花水及獨特抗衰老成分,有效阻隔黑眼圈、眼袋、皺紋,讓眼部肌膚明亮光澤。 產品詳情        
$510.00 $438.00
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