FLOW COSMETICS Arctic Beauty Oil
Antioxidant therapy oil for dry & ageing skin. Protecting, moisturising and revitalizing oil serum with arctic super berry vitamins.   The rich oil serum strengthens the skin, increases elasticity, protects the skin against premature aging and brightens the complexion. Arctic...
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FLOW COSMETICS Lingonberry Bright Serum
Dry oil serum with a high concentration of skin tone brightening arctic lingonberry seed oil. For sensitive, dry and dull looking skin. This ultra-light dry oil serum brings dull looking skin back to life. Lingonberry Bright Serum is suitable for daily use...
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FLOW COSMETICS Organic Rose Floral Water
Organic luxurious toner for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin. Classic and popular with every women including Cleopatra. Best-selling classic toner. As a byproduct of rose essential oil distillation, rose floral water is known for its moisturizing, soothing and smoothing...
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FLOW COSMETICS Organic Lavender Floral Water
Balancing & soothing toner for all skin types. Suitable for all skin types, gentle enough for delicate children's skin. Lavender water contains active compounds that nurture and soothe the skin. Try lavender water for skin and scalp, sunburns and itchy...
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FLOW COSMETICS Detox Oil (Oily & Combination Skin)
Clarifying dry oil serum with tea tree for oily and combination skin. An ultra-light facial dry oil serum helps to keep blemishes at bay. Detox Oil is a combination of light, quickly absorbing plant oils with essential fatty acids. It is...
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FLOW COSMETICS Bilberry Moisture Cream
Powered with arctic seed oils from bilberries and black currants. A light and nourishing moisturizer for all skin types. A light cream with antioxidant-rich arctic bilberries and blackcurrants helps repair and renew skin cells while strengthening and protecting the skin against environmental impurities....
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FLOW COSMETICS Hyaluron & Probiotics Facial Serum
Deep moisturising facial serum with hyaluronic acid and natural probiotic for dry skin, restore vitality and make the skin instantly firmer and smoother.  This serum is a combination of the highest quality active ingredients on the market. Probiotics maintain the good...
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FLOW COSMETICS Balm to Milk Facial Cleanser
A luxurious 2-in-1 gentle oil cleanser with arctic bilberry turns light & milky when combined with water. A great balm for all skin types. Gentle enough to use on eye area. This luxurious double cleanser with gentle formula will deep clean,...
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FLOW COSMETICS Mineral Powder Foundation (Porcelain)
Mineral Powder Foundation gives your skin a healthy glow and is suitable for sensitive skin. It covers uneven color, but is silky light and does not make the skin dry.    Porcelain: Porcelain is suitable for light skin. A cool shade....
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