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Melvita 皇牌去眼紋系列 53折優惠套裝!

有機牛油果油 + 有機矢車菊花水

將兩大好用 Melvita 眼部護理產品一起自制眼膜,為雙眼提供額外滋潤,長遠改善眼部乾紋!

有機牛油果油為Melvita 法國官方2019 最新包裝,正版正貨。新全新專利2合1樽頭設計,可以按壓擠出精準份量的護膚油使用,亦可直接搽於皮膚表面。請參考獨立圖片。 

- 滴管式:局部精準不浪費
- 筆尖式:範圍延展不費力

產地: 法國



MELVITA 有機牛油果油(50ml)**

  • Melvita 皇牌暢銷產品
  • 質地滋潤,抗衰老功效極佳
  • 可用於眼部及頸部,有助減淡皺紋 乾紋、細紋、魚尾紋及頸紋等
MELVITA有機矢車菊花水(200ml 樽裝) 
  • 有機矢車菊花水對眼部護理尤其有效
  • 能擊退細紋及活化眼部肌膚
  • 舒緩因長時間對電腦而引起的眼部疲累,使雙眼回復神采

 Miss Sop 分享的眼膜製作方法:

  • 將浸滿矢車菊花水既化妝棉混合一滴牛油果油當眼膜敷 5-10 分鐘

矢車菊功效 :

據說最早在中世紀開始,矢車菊已被人們廣泛使用。由於其溫和而不刺激又兼具柔膚效果,故特別適合眼周皮膚 (也可濕敷全臉)。




牛油果油功效 :


Melvita 牛油果油蘊含豐富非皂化成分,萃取自冷壓法的有機油,不含人造色素及防腐劑,法國 ECOCERT有機認證;能有效減淡眼部四周既乾紋、細紋及魚尾紋,加倍呵護。




** Melvita 牛油果油屬天然產品,為萃取自冷壓法的有機油,不同批次的牛油果提鍊的油色澤和狀態也有士輕微變化,並會有沉澱微粒,此為牛油果份子微粒,狀態正常,不影響其品質,絕對可安心使用。使用前可先搖勻要按壓取出。



Melvita Signature Eye Treatment Set UP TO 47% OFF!

This Set Includes:
Melvita Avocado Oil 50ml
Melvita Organic Cornflower Floral Water 200ml

The soothing properties of organic cornflower floral water helps decongest and soothe the eye are. Organic Avocado Oil is 100% natural and certified as organic, as well as being renowned for its ability to soften and comfort the fragile eye contour. 

Avocado oil is the latest version in 2019 from Melvita France. New patented Drop & Feather 2 in 1 application that delivers just the right amount of oil and is tailored to different uses. 

Origin: France
Recommended Retail Price:$540


Melvita Refreshing Eye Duo

Organic Cornflower Floral Water

  • Recommended for the eye area and to remove any final traces of make-up from skin.
  • It helps decongest and soothe this fragile part of the face.
  • For an even fresher sensation, put the product in the fridge for 5 to 10 minutes before use.
  • This 100% natural decongesting and soothing toner is certified as organic and obtained by steam distilling the flowers of the Centaurea cyanus plant.

Organic Avocado Oil

  • 100% natural and certified as organic, as well as being renowned for its ability to soften and comfort.
  • Ideal for dry and delicate skin, it is particularly recommended for use in the eye area.
  • An excellent natural anti-ageing oil and is also recommended for its ability to smooth. 

Organic beauty secret: eye mask

For fresh, sparkling eyes, you will need: 
• One tablespoon of Melvita Field Cornflower Floral Water 
• One pump of Melvita Avocado Oil
Combine the two ingredients then soak two cotton pads in the mixture before applying them to closed eyes.Slide into a warm bath and relax for 10 minutes, allowing the mask to nourish and decongest the eye area to leave it soothed and comforted.

Originally imported from France

MELVITA Organic Cornflower Water

  • Women wanting an organic, 100% natural, nourishing toner
  • Its benefits for tired eyes
  • Decongesting and soothing the eye area 
  • Being a great addition to your skincare routine
  • Its delicate 100% natural (perfume-free) scent 
  • All skin types

MELVITA Avocado Oil 50ml: 

  • Very rich in non-saponifiable components, avocado oil is obtained from the flesh of the persea gratissima fruit.
  • An excellent natural anti-ageing treatment, this oil is recommended for dry and delicate skin. 
  • Extremely nourishing, it is recommended for the eye contour, the neck and for stretch marks, especially if used with shea butter, which contains non-saponifiables that are remarkably complementary. 
  • Melvita guarantee: First cold-pressing organic oil. Colorant and preservative-free.
  • New patented Drop & Feather 2 in 1 application that delivers just the right amount of oil and is tailored to different uses. 

** Melvita Avocado Oil is a 100% natural and organic product. This organic plant oil is obtained by first cold pressing avocado pulp. The color and the texture may varies slightly between different batches of avocado. The creamy texture with some sediment is a normal condition, which does not affect its quality and can be used with peace of mind. Shake well before use.
- Natural and Organic Cosmetics

Certified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE according to ECOCERT Standard

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