Chulala 天然保濕面膜(5片裝) CHULALA Sheet Masks (5 Sheets)


去角質磨砂及面膜 Exfoliator & Mask






產地: 日本
數量: 20ml x 5片

Sheet Masks

A sheet masksis both moisturizing and anti-aging. It is formulated with marine mineral water which improves skin cell turnover, and Okinawa botanical ingredients that luxuriously deliver moisture to the back of the skin, leading to moist and glossy skin. Active ingredients Okinawa indigenous shell ginger leaf extract, coral water and Kume Island deep ocean water and also sodium hyaluronate are proven to be effective for moisturizing and improving skin suppleness and elasticity. Aloe vera leaf extract, okra fruit extract blended have excellent anti-aging ability, retexturizing the skin. It is designed to fit the skin perfectly, allowing maximum essence absorption.

Origin: Japan
Quantity: 20ml x 5 sheets



  • 可在基礎清潔護理後使用
  • 含有沖繩獨有月桃葉精華,當中蘊含抗氧化多酚成份,保濕同時抗衰老
  • 含沖繩產珊瑚水,豐富礦物質促進排除肌膚老化物質以及新陳代謝
  • 含久米島海洋深層水,充分滋潤肌膚,為肌膚補充營養
  • 含蘆薈、艷山姜葉精華及秋葵果實精華,保濕、滋潤同時鎖水
  • 透明質酸鈉作為天然保濕因子能被肌膚迅速吸收
  • 全新仿生隱形科技極盡貼合肌膚,緊密填補皮膚紋理,輕鬆覆蓋鼻翼,嘴角等隱蔽位置






每售出一枝卸妝水,Chulala 就會捐出JPY20以保護及種植珊瑚





*: 沖繩產

Chulala sheet masks offers instant moisturization to provide skin with the right amount of moisture. Kume Island's deep ocean water and Okinawa coral water serves together to thoroughly moistens and protects the skin by supplying the skin with an abundance of minerals. Shell ginger leaf extract contains anti-oxidizing polyphenol for moisturizing and anti-aging. Together they improve skin suppleness and elasticity. Aloe vera leaf extract, okra fruit extract blended have excellent anti-aging ability, penetrating to the skin keratin layer to regulate its barrier function, providing moisture and suppleness.  Sodium hyaluronate, which can hold more water than any other natural substance can reach into the dermis to maintain and attract water as well, resulting in smoother, softer skin with decreased wrinkles.

Skin Condition:

For all skin conditions for moisturizing.


Free from paraben, coal-tar color, synthetic perfume and ultraviolet absorber

Dermatologically tested for allergy

No animal testing

Recycled materials and vegetable-based inks are used for product packaging

Chulala will donate JPY20 for every bottle of cleansing lotion sold to Chulaumi Shinkokai which protects and plants corals


   Originally imported from Japan

Apply the mask onto clean face and leave on for 15 – 20 minutes. Gently pat your skin for the essence to be fully absorbed.

 Shell Ginger Leaf Extract*, Coral Water, Kume Island's Deep Ocean Water (moisturizing ingredient), Aloe vera leaf extract, okra fruit extract ,alpinia zerumbet extract

*Indigenous to Okinawa

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