CHULALA UV防曬霜SPF 50+ PA++++ CHULALA UV Milk SPF 50+ PA++++


防曬 Sun Care




高效防水物理防曬處方,SPF 50+ PA++++ 全面保護肌膚免受紫外線侵擾,同時沒有化學防曬剌激皮膚、引起過敏及被皮膚吸收的風險。小孩也能安心使用。特別使用原創的粉體分散技術,提高延展性,更加入久米島海洋深層水為肌膚補水。防禦力高卻輕透清爽不油膩,不發白,令妝容持久貼服


產地: 日本
容量: 50mL

UV Cream SPF %50+ PA++++

A high performing waterproof UV cream that is formulated without any chemical screens. Its special formula will not leave any white residue or greasiness, feels lightweight, and is virtually invisible, delivering a longlasting beautiful finish. It also hydrates the skin through Bittern.


Origin: Japan

Size: 50mL



  • 為肌膚抵抗紫外光
  • 可在早上基礎清潔護理後,準備上妝前使用
  • 含久米島海洋深層水,充分滋潤肌膚,為肌膚補充營養
  • 含高補濕效果的沖繩野生蜜柑果皮精華及秋葵精華,使肌膚水潤亮澤









沖繩野生蜜柑果皮精華*、久米島海洋深層水* 及秋葵精華

*: 沖繩產

Chulala UV cream offers strong protection against skin-damaging UV and is water repellent. Even children can safely use it without having their skin irritated. It is easy to spread, non-oily and does not leave white residue. Kume Island's deep ocean water serves to thoroughly moistens and protects the skin by supplying the skin with an abundance of minerals.  Tsuru-gumi elaeagnus glabra extract and Okra fruit extract refreshes the skin with their high moisturizing capability.

Skin Condition:

For all skin conditions for moisturizing.


Free from paraben, coal-tar color, synthetic perfume, ultraviolet absorber(chemical), mineral oil and alcohol

Dermatologically tested for allergy

No animal testing

Recycled materials and vegetable-based inks are used for product packaging


   Originally imported from Japan

Shake the bottle well then apply to face little by little evenly. To maintain the UV protecting effect, re-apply after sweating. Use make-up remover while cleansing.

 Tsuru-gumi elaeagnus glabra extract*, Bittern*, Okra fruit extract

*Indigenous to Okinawa

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