Chulala 天然化妝棉(60片) CHULALA Natural Cotton Pad(60Sheets)


潔面 Cleansers



20 枚以上的天然棉重疊而成,氣墊般的柔軟棉片。能夠輕柔呵護肌膚,使用起來身心愉悅。通過多次測試,不易起球,吸收力高。此外,其高延展性令使用者能輕易調整形狀,貼合肌膚的不同部位。


產地: 日本
數量: 60片/一盒

Fluffy Natural Cotton Pad

Each cotton pad is piled with more than 20 natural cotton sheets in order to hold air. Not only is it gentle on skin but also comfortable to use as it does not easily become ragged. Tested for its high absorbing power and elasticity, making it your best companion for make-up, nail polish removal and moist lotion application.


Origin: Japan
Quantity: 60 Sheets per box

$58.00 $42.00


  • 方便的抽取式設計
  • 取得環保商品稱號 (世界公認的安心安全纖維製品證書),即使如嬰兒般的幼嫩肌亦適用








擦拭額頭,臉頰等部位時,將化妝棉放在中指和無名指上用尾指和食指夾住。 擦拭鼻、眼等細小部位時,將化妝棉放在中指上用無名指和食指夾住。


Manufactured for a consistent, smooth texture, which allows maximum absorption and assists in the application of moist lotion. 100% natural cotton used to provide skin with the best care available.

Skin Condition:

For all skin conditions for removing make-up or applying moist lotion.


Free from paraben, coal-tar color, synthetic perfume and ultraviolet absorber

Dermatologically tested for allergy

No animal testing

Recycled materials and vegetable-based inks are used for product packaging

Chulala will donate JPY20 for every bottle of cleansing lotion sold to Chulaumi Shinkokai which protects and plants corals

Acquired OEKO-TEX certification (no harmful substances and in accodance with world standard)

   Originally imported from Japan

Use the cotton pads for makeup removal, nail polish removal or applying moist lotion.

100% Natual Cotton


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