Chulala 旅行套裝 CHULALA Trial Set


面部護理套裝 Face Care Kit


CHULALA 皇牌護膚3部曲,方便攜帶,隨身補水活膚!

一套集齊卸妝水、月桃保濕蜜水、月桃菁采保濕霜及純天然棉片,為你去除角質╴深層補水、抗衰老及促進肌膚新陳代謝。 產品以沖繩天然成份製成,天然零負擔。


產地: 日本
容量: 卸妝水 30ml、月桃保濕蜜水 30ml、月桃菁采保濕霜 5g、純天然棉片 4 張


CHULALA Siganture Trial Set

A mini bottle set that is convenient for travelling. Consisted of cleansing lotion, moist lotion, revital cream and natural cotton pad wrapped in a unique easy-to-carry-pouch the set is ideal for your trips. The set provides instant moisturization and has excellent anti-aging ability, retexturizing the skin. Okinawa indigenous ingredients formulated luxuriously deliver moisture to the back of the skin, leading to moist and glossy skin.

Origin: Japan
Size: • Cleansing Lotion 30 mL, Moist Lotion 30 mL, Revital Cream 5 g, Natural Cotton Pads 4 sheets x 2

$120.00 $78.00


  • 含有沖繩獨有月桃葉精華,當中蘊含抗氧化多酚成份,保濕同時抗衰老
  • 含沖繩產珊瑚水,豐富礦物質促進排除肌膚老化物質以及新陳代謝
  • 含久米島海洋深層水,充分滋潤肌膚,為肌膚補充營養
  • 卸妝水能一步溫和潔淨彩妝及污垢,同時補充肌膚營養和水分
  • 月桃保濕蜜水深入角質層,喚發肌膚自身活力,回復肌膚彈性和張力
  • 月桃菁采保濕霜為肌膚補充營養水分同時鎖水、抗衰老
  • 棉片由20 枚以上的天然棉重疊而成,能夠輕柔呵護肌膚






每售出一枝卸妝水,Chulala 就會捐出JPY20以保護及種植珊瑚棉片




以沾濕卸妝水的化妝綿輕輕安撫面部 (2 - 6 泵),讓卸妝水滲透皮膚。先卸除眼妝,以溫和的打圈動作潔淨,然後到額頭、鼻、口部、最後下巴部位。潔淨後以溫水或冷水沖洗,然後塗抹面霜。










月桃葉精華*、珊瑚水*、久米島深層海水*、蘆薈、秋葵精華及納米膠囊神經醯胺 (神經醯胺 AP· 神經醯胺 NG· 神經醯胺 NP· 神經醯胺 EOP)

*: 沖繩產

Cleansing lotion is a gentle, burden-free cleanser, particularly effective for removing makeup and unwanted sebum while keeping what's important to skin. The moist lotion provides instant moisturization, improving skin suppleness and elasticity. Revital cream thoroughly moistens and protects the skin. Each cotton pad is piled with more than 20 natural cotton sheets in order to hold air. Not only is it gentle on skin but also comfortable to use as it does not easily become ragged. 

Skin Condition:

For all skin conditions for moisturizing.


Free from paraben, coal-tar color, synthetic perfume and ultraviolet absorber

Dermatologically tested for allergy

No animal testing

Recycled materials and vegetable-based inks are used for product packaging

Chulala will donate JPY20 for every bottle of cleansing lotion sold to Chulaumi Shinkokai which protects and plants corals

   Originally imported from Japan

Cleansing Lotion

Place cleansing lotion on a cotton pad and apply thoroughly to remove makeup gently. Leave the cleansing lotion around the eyes for a few seconds in order for it to absorb the makeup. Then, remove makeup for the rest of the face. Rinse off the cleansing lotion using cool or lukewarm water depending on your preference. Then apply other toner or lotion.

Moist Lotion

Apply to the skin daily after cleansing, morning and night.

Revital Cream

Rub on face gently after the application of moist lotion or toner.


Cleansing Lotion

Shell Ginger Leaf Extract*, Coral Water*, Kume Island's Deep Ocean Water* (Moisturizing ingredient) , Papain Enzyme, Protease Enzyme, Lipase Enzyme

Moist Lotion

Shell Ginger Leaf Extract*, Coral Water*, Kume Island's Deep Ocean Water* (moisturizing ingredient), Coltsfoot extract, luffa extract, capillary wormwood extract, mulberry bark extract (moisturizing ingredient)

Revital Cream

Shell Ginger Leaf Extract*, Coral Water, Kume Island's Deep Ocean Water (moisturizing ingredient), Aloe vera leaf extract, okra fruit extract, ceramides in nanocapsules (Ceramide AP, Ceramide NG, Ceramide NP, Ceramide NOP)


*Indigenous to Okinawa

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