AVRIL 28號黑山羊毛蜜粉掃 AVRIL Brush For Powder 28 In Black Goat Hair


化妝掃 Makeup Brushes


AVRIL  28號黑山羊毛蜜粉掃  定妝的最佳拍檔


產地: 印度

This powder brush made with goat hair is perfect to uniformly apply all powders: loose or compact! The brush is thick and gives a natural and quick application on the skin, neck or cleavage.

Origin:  India



  • 真正的天然黑山羊毛,通過修剪或梳理動物毛髮等道德形式收集
  • 軟刷頭
  • 大掃頭設計,快速掃出貼薄妝容



小貼士:你也可以配合修容粉/ 古銅粉,打造健康啞緻的蜜糖膚色,瞬間煥發健康光彩。


  • Real natural black goat hair (collected by shearing or brushing the animal)
  • Precise application
  • Soft brush

 Originally import from France. 

With this powder brush, collect the right amount of powder and apply gently on your face and neck. This powder brush is specially designed to break even and natural. Little plus: you can also use it with a bronzing powder for a matte skin and an instant healthy glow. Remember to wash your brushes regularly with a soft shampoo or soap and water. Rinse with clear water and dry them outdoors.

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