FREESIA 柔滑無痕平頭粉底掃


FREESIA 柔滑無痕平頭粉底掃


產地: 中國




FREESIA 柔滑無痕平頭粉底掃以 100% 優質合成纖維製成,如動物毛般輕柔,但不會吸粉,易於清潔及保養。細密柔軟掃毛配合獨特的平頭設計,長度適中的木質掃柄,讓你可均勻而迅速地推開礦物粉或粉底液,無論自然或高遮瑕效果也輕易掌握,完美地修飾毛孔細紋,輕鬆打造自然薄透的無瑕美肌。


  • 上臉柔軟舒服,沒有剌痛感,敏感肌也適用
  • 豐厚細密的掃毛,配合如裙擺的平頭設計,可均勻推開粉底或礦物粉,亦可締造高遮瑕效果
  • 長手柄更易操控,輕巧木手柄觸感舒適
  • 抓粉力強
  • 不留粉痕
  • 掃毛不易脫落
  • 易於清潔及保養
  • 純素產品,零殘忍生產








Flat Top Brush Engineered to better Hold, Apply & Blend

The soft bristled, densely packed and synthetic flat top brush creates a air-brushed, seamless finish in seconds, buffing powder or liquid foundation into skin for a poreless polish. Flat top design also allows precise and controlled application. 

Origin: China


Suitable for all skin types. 

Our Freesia Smoothing Flat Face Brush is made of 100% high quality synthetic fibers which will not absorb makeup like animal hair. The ultra-soft and dense brush comes with a unique flat top design which can buff any foundation smoothly and evenly into the skingiving your complexion a seamless and air-brushed finish.

Unique Feature:

  • Soft and gentle on skin, suitable for sensitive skin
  • Dense and flat head
  • Long handle adds comfort to your makeup application
  • Holds powder well
  • Reduces the look of streaks 
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Function: Powder or liquid foundation application

Fibers: High quality synthetic fibers

Handles: Lightweight wood handles

For liquid foundation, load a drop or two of the formula onto the tops of the bristles and apply dots of foundation on your forehead, nose, chin, and each cheek. Then whisk the brush across your skin in circular motions to blend.

For powder foundation, sweep the brush through the formula, then tap the brush handle to shake off excess powder. Swirl the brush over your face starting from the center and blend your way out.

Remember to wash your brushes regularly with a soft shampoo or soap and water. Rinse with clear water and dry them outdoors.

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