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此產品為Melvita 法國官方2019 最新包裝,正版正貨。新全新專利2合1樽頭設計,可以按壓擠出精準份量的護膚油使用,亦可直接搽於皮膚表面。 

產地: 法國
容量: 50ml


  • 有機牛油果油含豐富非皂化成份(維他命A、D、E及植物固醇),抗衰老功效極佳
  • Omega 9 能令肌膚緊緻飽滿,有效修護眼周及頸項,有助減淡眼部四周的乾紋、細紋、魚尾紋及頸紋
  • 含棕櫚酸成分,能在脆弱皮膚上產生如膠布般的修護效果,特別適合用於眼周肌膚,有效柔軟同紓緩肌膚
  • 質地可以直接被皮膚吸收,不會引起油脂粒或阻塞毛孔
  • 不含人造色素及防腐劑
  • 萃取自冷壓法的有機油



Persea Gratissima Oil [Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil]*.
*Ingrédient issu de l'Agriculture Biologique / Ingredient proceeding from Organic Farming.

#Best Seller 

Avocado oil is extremely nourishing, which serves as an excellent natural anti-ageing treatment for dry and delicate skin including the eye contour.

This product is the latest version in 2019 from Melvita France. New patented Drop & Feather 2 in 1 application that delivers just the right amount of oil and is tailored to different uses. 

Origin: France
Size: 50ml
Recommended Retail Price:$260


  • Rich in non-saponifiable components
  • Avocado oil is obtained from the flesh of the persea gratissima fruit
  • An effective natural anti-ageing treatment
  • Recommended for dry and delicate skin
  • Extremely nourishing
  • Recommended for the eye contour, the neck and for stretch marks
  • Especially if used with shea butter, which contains non-saponifiables that are remarkably complementary.

Melvita guarantee: First cold-pressing organic oil. Colorant and preservative-free.

Natural and Organic Cosmetics

certified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE according to ECOCERT Standard 
available at
100% of the total ingredients from natural origin
100% of the total ingredients from Organic Farming

Apply to face and neck, gently massaging into the skin.
Persea Gratissima Oil [Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil]*.
*Ingredient proceeding from Organic Farming.


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