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Melvita 皇牌暢銷產品


此產品為Melvita 法國官方2019 最新包裝,正版正貨。新全新專利2合1樽頭設計,可以按壓擠出精準份量的護膚油使用,亦可直接搽於皮膚表面。

產地: 法國
容量: 50ml
建議零售價: $450




  • 經臨床測試証明對滋潤乾燥皮膚特別有效
  • 玫瑰果油蘊含豐富脂肪酸,能提升皮膚再生功能
  • 對修護日曬後的皮膚尤其有幫助
  • 有效減少皮膚的色素,預防黑斑及雀斑形成
  • 維持皮膚緊緻及彈性,對預防及撫平因懷孕引起的妊娠紋或體重變化造成的橙皮紋具明顯功效
  • 萃取自冷壓法的有機植物油
  • 不含人造色素及防腐劑 

經法國 ECOCERT 有機認證天然有機產品
100% 天然有機成份

 100% 法國原裝進口

  • 可用於面部及身體,輕輕按摩直至吸收
  • 可單獨使用或混合其他護膚品一併使用
  • 可於塗抹面霜前使用,於色斑、暗瘡印及疤痕輕輕按摩直至吸收
  • 可每日按摩於腹部大腿等部位預防妊辰紋

Rosa Rubiginosa [Rosa Rubiginosa Seed Oil]*, Tocopherol.
*Ingredient proceeding from Organic Farming.


Bestseller of Melvita!

This oil nourishes and regenerates even the most delicate, lifeless skin

Organic Rose Hip Oil is rich in essential fatty acids as well as 100% natural and certified as organic. It nourishes and revives tired, lacklustre skin without affecting its natural balance. 

This product is the latest version in 2019 from Melvita France. New patented Drop & Feather 2 in 1 application that delivers just the right amount of oil and is tailored to different uses. 

Origin: France
Size: 50ml
Rrecommended Retail Price: $450


  • Made from the seeds of the Chilean wild rose
  • Rich in essential fatty acids 
  • Nourishes and regenerates even the most delicate, lifeless skin.
  • It helps to reduce stretch marks and softens the appearance of blemishes while making the complexion more radiant
  • Its soothing properties make it a good after-sun
  • Recommended for very dry skin, this oil is not suitable for skins with a tendency towards acne.

Organic Rose Hip Oil is ideal for:
• Those wanting a 100% natural plant oil certified as organic by ECOCERT 
• Its hydrating, revitalising and renewing properties 
• Soothing skin and leaving it radiant
• Improving the appearance of stretch marks
• Being a great addition to your skincare routine
• All skin types - especially tired and lacklustre 

Natural and Organic Cosmetic
certified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE as 100% natural 

 Originally imported from France

Apply to face or body, massaging gently to penetrate the skin.

Melvita beauty tip:
An ideal treatment to prevent stretch marks: daily massage, particularly during pregnancy or important weight loss, to keep your skin supple and have it regenerated.

The oil can be applied alone or used with daily skin care products.

Rosa Rubiginosa [Rosa Rubiginosa Seed Oil]*, Tocopherol.
*Ingredient proceeding from Organic Farming

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